Created on Wednesday, 31 March 2010 Last Updated on Sunday, 01 April 2012 Written by CHRISTOPHER whitehouse

Well I said I would never do it but thanks to Ian parker that came to a end. I have been running with Ian on Sunday mornings to get fit for London we had reached 18 mile in training but when he mentioned Milford 21 I just laughed and said sorry mate not me. On sat night I received a text saying if you know what is good for you , you had better be there in the morning from your coach. Well then I had no choice I had better go and take a look. So I arrived at Milford and got my number a few members turned up Ian, Keith and the 2 Andy's and they started the wind up oooooo its easy you will fly round I was told ha. Half way round I wanted to kill someone the switch backs nearly finished me off but I kept going till I got to 18 miles and AHHHHHH cramp. The pain of it all I could have just lied down on the grass and surrendered but I walked it off and gave it one last push and when I turned the corner to the finish line to see all my friends from chase harriers calling my name "GO ON CHRIS GO ON SON" it made it all worth while and somewhere in my heart I will forgive Ian ha ha only joking. But hey if I can do that I think I wont have a problem at London

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